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Tulips for a Wounded Country II

BY Nada Sehnaoui
Acrylics on sixteen canvases
200 x 200 cm

This artwork will be dispatched within 2-3 working days after order has been received.

Artworks are all unique pieces and are non-returnable and not refundable.

About Nada Sehnaoui

A Beirut-based painter and installation artist, Nada Sehnaoui graduated with a DEA in History from Paris IV Sorbonne, and with a Diploma and Fifth Year from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.


Sehnaoui’s work deals with issues of war, personal memory, public amnesia, the writing of history, and the construction of identity. In her paintings and installations she often works with multiples, repetitions and layers: layers of color, layers of objects, layers of memory, and layers of Beirut ongoing survival through wartimes, reconstructions and destructions. Her body of painting works includes: “Tulips for a Wounded Country” (1992), “War Games” (1993), “Lebanese War Statistics” (1994), “Sarajevo” (1995), “Painting the Orient-Le Jour” (2000) “Martyrs Square Revisited” (2000), “How Many How Many More” (2016-2019) and “I have a Dream” 2020.