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Tree of Love

BY Yasmine El Hazek
Mixed media on paper
100 x 70 cm

This artwork will be dispatched within 2-3 working days after order has been received.

Artworks are all unique pieces and are non-returnable and not refundable.

About Yasmine El Hazek

Yasmine El Hazek is born and raised in Egypt. She attended many art programs around the world and received her masters in visual arts in Florence, Italy. Starting her career from a young age, El Hazek has developed a keen interest in people, and devoted the start of her artistic experimentations to portraying them.


Stimulated by all the different faces, from humans to animals to her fantastical composite creatures of both, that Egypt has to offer, she painted the wide range of expressions and moments that she has witnessed or imagined. Her bold characters, brush strokes, and use of color convey political, economic, and historical heritage.

With an astute sense of observation and a healthy mixture of humor, satire and empathy, Yasmine would frequently roam the streets of Cairo and sketch people and their surroundings to capture the beauty that many passers-by could easily overlook. Her paintings channel the energy she feels pulsing in the streets, people, animals and hidden fantasies of her beloved country.

She is represented by Zamalek Art Gallery, in Cairo, and has participated in many solo and group shows in her native city.