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The orange wall

BY Hosna Karnama
Installation of canvas and mixed media
70 x 120 cm

This artwork will be dispatched within 2-3 working days after order has been received.

Artworks are all unique pieces and are non-returnable and not refundable.

About Hosna Karnama

Iranian born visual artist graduated with a Masters in visual arts and fourteen years experience running her own studio in the north of Iran. The subject matter of her works are inspired by conflict with a focus on mythical features and animations characters, an insider’s view of the role of contrast in her life; Her expression of conflict, tension and pain aims to convey the constant battle of good and evil.


She believes the real war happens inside our hearts and minds; she is working on two series of paintings highlighting the pop art and animations characters with calligraphy, and the other one is the contrast between contemporary art and Iranian calligraphy. Her paintings have appeared in several international galleries, art fairs across her country and her artworks are currently featured on a series of journals and notebooks for sale.