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BY Farida El Bustani
60 x 45 cm

This artwork will be dispatched within 2-4 weeks after order has been received unless stated otherwise in the above description.

Artworks are all unique pieces and are non-returnable and not refundable.

About Farida El Bustani

Farida El Bustani is 24-year-old Egyptian-Italian Full time photographer who studied Film School in Lyon, France. Farida seeks the worlds most hidden and special corners, finding beauty in the simplest matters and goes by the saying “ Less is More “. She finds pleasure in photographing colors, shapes and symmetry.


Farida's Statement: My photos have different background but reach out to one similar story. That peace can be found in photographs. And that even though we walk past everything that you might have seen in these photographs, we are never able to find its beauty until we focus and make them the subject of our vision. My message will always be, find beauty in the absence of importance, yet in the irrelativeness.