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Strata round Pink by Roula Salamoun

BY Iwan Maktabi
Strata Round in Pink designed by Roula Salamoun for Iwan Maktabi.
Handmade using wool and silk.
Limited Edition
250 cm

This piece is a custom order please allow 6 - 8 weeks delivery time from order date.

About Iwan Maktabi

Iwan Maktabi is a family business based on three generations of expertise and a rich private collection of collectible carpets, textiles and Islamic art.


Iwan Maktabi has deepened people’s appreciation for carpets in Lebanon and the Middle East, and is the go to address for rare carpets and textile art in the region. The research and experimentation platform “Iwan Maktabi Lab”, combines the traditional and the contemporary.

It merges technology and innovative materials with traditional weaving techniques and other traditional crafts and seeks out regional talent in various fields, inviting collaborators to channel their vision into handcrafted designs. Iwan Maktabi is the exclusive representative of cc-tapis and Jan Kath in the Middle East.