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Sine Wave - 06

BY Maisoon Al Saleh
Digital artwork printed on plexiglass and laminated with dibond at the back and an aluminum channel. Easily fix or hang the artwork on the wall.
50 x 50 cm

This piece is a custom order please allow 2 - 4 weeks delivery time from order date.

Artworks are all unique pieces and are non-returnable and not refundable.

About Maisoon Al Saleh

Born in 1988, Emirati artist and entrepreneur Maisoon Al Saleh works actively as an artist in Dubai and internationally. She graduated from Zayed University with a Bachelor's degree in Arts and Design in 2010. She has had 6 solo shows, and has participated in around 100 art exhibitions in 20 countries, including the Emirati Expression at Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, ‘ART NOMADS: MADE IN THE EMIRATES’ exhibition presented by Etihad Modern Art Gallery, and several other in Europe and the United States.


Al Saleh is a prolific and hard-working artist. She continues to actively seek out new challenges in her career, and most recently has been participating in artist residency programs world-wide. In her paintings and sculpture work, Al Saleh uses bold colors and shapes to create an abstract portrait or image, while implementing unexpected details to add dialogue and visual interest.

She employs a variety of mediums across her works, which include acrylic on canvas, mixed media for installations, fiberglass and mixed media for her sculptures, and painting under seawater. Her style is surrealist, with strong influence and commentary on modern Emirati culture. Her art dives, sometimes literally, below the obvious meaning residing on the surface of stories and accounts of the past. She is interested in the ‘bones’ of a subject, the aspects that transcend age and gender, which often includes actually using skeletons as figures, in or to tell stories that get to the deeper meaning of humanity. Through her work, Al Saleh bring viewers into a discussion about the importance of Emirati history in order to challenge how we think about our history, memories, and representation of them in the mainstream media.