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BY Nevine Bouez
Ceramic, raku
40 x 20 cm

This piece will be dispatched within 4-6 weeks after order has been received.

Returns are applicable for upto 14 days after delivery and only applies for noncustomized items.

About Nevine Bouez

I put every single dimension of myself into my sculpting experience, and reach a creative flow that guides my hands in every moment, as my piece takes form. The element of surprise is my motivation, as I simultaneously create and discover the emergence of unplanned new shapes. Every tiny part of my large pieces tells a story through textures and forms.


My multi-faceted and three-dimensional pieces were conceived to infuse light through the cracks of our Lebanese gloom: in the presence of light, darkness will not prevail. Using traditional clay with a contemporary twist, I express these openings through broken lines, tension in the structure, vibrant or subdued colors. My lines flow from delicate to bold, and thick to thin. I overlap clay and overlay glaze to deepen the visual expression of Lebanese resilience: Out every crack, comes about the Lebanese wizardry of unsurpassed and transformative ability to sore. It is a personal and challenging experience to make something vibrant out of a seemingly lifeless and inert clay slab, because in every fracture there is light.