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BY Nada Matta
Acrylic on paper
150 x 90 cm

This artwork will be dispatched within 2-3 working days after order has been received.

Artworks are all unique pieces and are non-returnable and not refundable.

About Nada Matta

After enduring a difficult and grim childhood amid a devastating civil war, and an early marriage mothering a large family, I witnessed everything I fought for crumbling before my eyes like a feeble, delicate house of cards. I had to take control of myself, and walk a new path as an independent woman. One step after another, I freed myself into and through creation.


Creating allowed me to hone in on, and connect with, the very essence of who I was. Understanding the traumas buried within me, and taking pleasure in the simple joys of life, has given me enormous strength to share. My first illustrated book was awarded the “Prix Sorcière” – giving me comfort and confidence in the path I had chosen, and opening a window to endless creative opportunities.

This subsequently led to numerous exhibitions across Lebanon and France. Nature inspires me, as does the beauty of the Everyday, Magic, and the mystery of Life. I sense a very strong connection of my body and of my being to the earth, to the universe.

My art is closely interconnected with who I am – a woman belonging to the quasi-homogeneous, monochrome demographic of the Oriental Woman, subject since early childhood to the education of a patriarchal society. During these difficult and cruel times, my aim is to carry our voices as Humans – our fight for the right to exist as we are – into the pure, naïve intelligence of nature and early childhood. Awaken the sensory to its furthest extent, be as alive and embodied in the here and the now as possible! Awaken the senses and the raw instinct, pushed to the point of perhaps becoming Animal, Nature – or Universe. I would like my paintings to convey an awakening of the deep, wild nature which lies in every single one of us.

My approach to art follows my perception and vision of life. I formulate an idea, then draw-up an outline. Certain details are controlled – which is what was intended at least. Then follows my favorite part, an element of surprise, that I am always keen to uncover. Since the integrity of my art is painted in Chinese ink, the game lies in transforming every drip, every stain into something beautiful. I often times have to change direction, adjust my bearings, let my art take me places I never thought I would go.