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Mulholland drive

BY Nadine Roufael
Stoneware, underglaze, glaze
52 x 46 x 54 cm

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About Nadine Roufael

Nadine Rouphael is an interior designer who completes herself as an artist based in Beirut, Lebanon creating art with paint and ceramic. Working with European designers in the furniture industry for many years led to an uprising interest in ceramic art.


She explores through her work a different perspective that allows people to grasp a fresh angle over design. Atelier Nadeen is her personal studio, the space that inspires her designs and turns them into reality. It is located in Misktown, BeitMisk.

Atelier Nadeen is a simple yet seamless contribution of these elements that will welcome your space with a creatively inspiring aura, settling a pleasing mood by placing one of our creations to which you will relate a personal meaning.