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BY Rima Moukahal
Acrylic on canvas
150 x 100 cm

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About Rima Moukahal

Moukahal's fascination with colours and painting started when she was offered a scholarship to study drawing in Italy at a very early age. Her artistic journey was put on pause due to the civil war in Lebanon that year, which lasted nearly two decades. After working in the corporate sector for a long time, Moukahal felt it was time to pursue her passion and dedication to studying and exploring all aspects of art.


Her constant struggle led her to the point where the quest for knowledge and creation surpassed all other interests. Mentored and guided by prominent Arab artists in Beirut, Cairo and Dubai. Moukahal's art is mostly classified as an abstract expressionist, influenced by her personal emotional and psychological reactions to collective human life experiences.

She uses colours, gestures, layers, and movements to communicate her mind and heart onto canvas. She is currently practising art as a full-time member in her studio at Tashkeel.

Artist's Words

Art for me is an expression of the self, I believe a person lives from the mind, heart, and soul. Art gives me wings to fly and liberates me from the ordinary. There is nothing more difficult than facing our truth, art confronts us with our real emotions freely without any considerations and allows a clearer vision. Art is the miniature circuit, the panel board where it allows me figuring out the key to each pulp of my hidden and undiscovered places in my own self, it connects and turns me inward to explore and therefore to create.


Abstract is my instrument I am very much at ease with its language; I am a studio-based artist I go every day and never break the ritual. I work, experiment and explore. The process leads me to creativity; I follow and allow it to take me to the unexpected, it teaches me courage and braveness to destruct and fail and succeed therefore I am on continuous joyful journey of learning.

Art is my companion I don’t know how to exist in this life without creating everyday.

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own souls”. Carl Jung

I realized, how obsessed I am with analyzing and exploring what lies behind the deeds, words, and emotions we experience. My aspiration is to explore the truth underlying every emotional experience outweighs all others, and I want to be able to communicate it visually through artworks.

How may any given element represents and signify what I want to manifest?

The power of words and knowledge gained through poetry and philosophy instilled in me a desire to create. For me, nothing occurs without reason; every action causes a reaction that leads to self-awareness and soul-exploration. The stories we live might fade with time, but a profound stain remains inside our hearts and souls. I sometimes question if ‘Abstract’ is the instrument that can embrace this density of thoughts and feelings to be imbedded in a given artwork, and if the integration of any other distinct disciplines can sustain my purpose. In my work, the colors are chosen to convey the sweetness or bitterness of the emotions. Textures are created in the same manner that life stories leave blemishes on our skin and in our souls. I build layers to represent the accumulation of our experiences and evolvement. Collages help me to put the parts back together.

Nothing is forgotten, nothing is erased; it will appear and confront us at any time when we least expect it, causing all the latent liquid flows to the surface and imprint the stains, the same way when I pour an old jar of diluted color over the canvas and starts to create its own shapes with its new qualities.

I aim to stimulate the emotions of the spectators and entice them to look and see how their feelings and reactions may be reflected in an artwork. I want my art to touch their hearts solely and connect them more and more to it.