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The Nemean Lion Ring

BY The Charites London
Size (US measurements)
The Nemean Lion was one of the strongest creatures in Greek mythology. This famous creature symbolises strength and invulnerability. As its inspiration, The Nemean Lion Ring is hand sculpted with charming 22K Vermeil Gold which represents its golden fur and astonishing Lapis-Lazuli gemstone. It is said that the golden fur protects the creature against all of the dangers around. To compliment the artisanship on the stone, the intaglios has been embellished with gold leaf.
Please note that due to handcrafted artistry and natural jewels, each piece is unique and may differ slightly from portrayed images and dimensions.

This piece will be dispatched within 2-4 weeks after order has been received.

Returns are applicable for up to 14 days after delivery and only applies for non-customized items.

About The Charites London

The Charites in Greek Mythology, are said to be 3 goddesses, daughters of Zeus and Hera.

Mythology being the fascination of my life, I have created this joyful brand devoting to me and my 2 sisters. While building this brand every detail has been shaped around our values, passion, and interest.


Driven by the aim of honoring artisanship skills of our masters at The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, the heart of ancient crafts, The Charites London creates each design sustainably with utmost quality and respect to handcrafts. Our divine designs from ethically sourced gemstones and precious metals celebrates the heritage of long forgotten ancient handcrafts like Intaglio, delicate engravings on gemstone, which will uplift your sense of beauty.