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Sand Dune Earrings

BY Jude Benhalim
After their release, the Sand Dunes became a fan favorite. We present to you the revived Sand Dunes: more body, same essence. The new Sand Dunes earrings are mixed metal with a gold-plated layer that pops and adds dimension, and a curvier wave structure that captures the fluid nature of desert dunes. Shop the revamped Sand Dunes and carry the desert with you wherever you go.
925 sterling silver dipped in 18K gold.

This piece is a custom order please allow 2 - 3 working days delivery time from order date.

Returns are applicable for upto 14 days after delivery and only applies for noncustomized items.

About Jude Benhalim

Jude Benhalimis a young, Cairo-based jewellery designer who founded her namesake brand when she was just 17 years old. Jude draws her influence from her unique cultural heritage, upbringing in Egypt, and exposure to Avant-garde artistic concepts through her film degree at the American university in Cairo.


Jude immersed herself in the jewellery world, alongside her mother-co-founder & CEO of Jude Benhalim –Rana Al-Azm. With Rana’s intuitive leadership nature and Jude’s abstract artistic thinking, both masterminds came together to turn their love for art, creation and expression into reality. Rana is the force behind the brand; her innate strategic character and love for art has helped push this Jewelry house to a whole other level.

Jude mindfully draws her inspiration from her surroundings; refined architecture, robust patterns, as well as bold colors, & translates these ideas into innovative and uniquely functional, timeless designs. Jude believes that jewellery shouldn’t be confined by a specific trend or season. Her core objective is to empower women, sustain the art of craftsmanship and operate with integrity and environmental responsibility.