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Elements of Love Fire Pendant

BY L'Atelier Nawbar
Choose your element and carry it with you as a symbol of your super power and as a tribute to our planet. The Fire Element is a little tableau handmade from yellow gold, set with white diamonds and is hand carved with Abalone Shell and Agate stones.
18K Yellow Gold
Diamond: 0.15 ct
Length: 42 cm
Total weight: 7gr

This piece is a custom order please allow 2 - 4 weeks delivery time from order date.

About L'Atelier Nawbar

L’Atelier Nawbar was founded in 1891, in Beirut, Lebanon, as a jewelry brand dedicated to creating intricate and delicate designs that are worn as an expression of love, beauty, heritage, and spirit. Four generations later, this legacy of designing jewelry, that has meaning beyond what the eye meets, continues to shine, withstanding the test of time.


For over 120 years, L’Atelier Nawbar have perfected the art of craftsmanship and tradition, while staying relevant. A brand dedicated to the testimony of modern tributes to heritage, at L’Atelier Nawbar one can only dream.Today, tucked away in the charming cobblestoned streets of Downtown Beirut, you will find an enchanted space where design, manufacturing and showroom merge into one. In this space one is given the chance to experience the world of jewelry making like no other. A marriage of true craftsmanship and sophisticated design, the magical Nawbar experience.A brand with a universal message, L’Atelier Nawbar can be found around the globe giving ode to nature, energy, and humanity. Each year, L’Atelier Nawbar Dedicates its creativity to creating collections that tell a story stemming true to the brand and its sentimental, mystical identity.