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18K RG: 3.76
DIA: 0.11

This piece is a custom order please allow 2 - 4 weeks delivery time from order date. Returns are applicable for up to 14 days after delivery and only applies for non-customized items.


Each jewel tells its own story. It is a symbol of our most precious moments in life; a gift of first love; a night of romance; the union of two souls and the celebration of success. It lives with you and is passed down from generation to generation. It is these timeless emotions that we inspire our talented team to dare, dream and create unique and elegant designs, reflecting the classical aesthetics of jewellery making and design, and at the same time allowing maison jewels to be on the fringe of contemporary taste and trends.

By combining old and new techniques of jewellery making, we are able to create pieces to the highest degree of perfection all the while keeping your input every step of the way. With immaculate attention to detail and passion for perfection, maison’s master craftsmen ensure that each piece of jewellery adheres to the highest standards.All of our diamonds are sourced particularly for each piece of bespoke jewellery and come with a certificate of authenticity. At maison we make sure that all our diamonds are conflict free and comply with U.N regulations.

Our quality is possessively guarded, and all Jewellery sold is accompanied by industry recognized certificates of authenticity and standards.