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Lina in Wonderland

BY Suzi Nassif
Acrylic and gold/silver leaf on canvas
90 x 90 cm

This artwork will be dispatched within 2-3 working days after order has been received.

Artworks are all unique pieces and are non-returnable and not refundable.

About Suzi Nassif

Suzi Fadel Nassif is a contemporary artist born in Lebanon, but has been based in Dubai for over twenty years. From a very young age, Suzi was aware of her orientation towards visual arts and is a self taught artist, who explored different techniques and mediums whilst Lebanon was going through tough times during the war.


Driven by the artistic expressions of Salvador Dali, she developed a keen eye for minute details, analyzing colors and texture. Journeying into groundbreaking abstract impressionism and surrealism, Suzi gains inspiration from the interconnectedness of people on different walks of life, cultural diversity, mysteries of existence and semblance of emotions.

Suzi has a vivid imagination, an excellent memory and a unique sensitivity when it comes to a variety of topics. She stores images, emotions, facial expressions, words and poems in an organized, mental catalogue. With every painting, she tells a different story, sometimes from her imagination, other times from a present reality or surreality!

Her primary focus is the eyes. The eyes are the most prominent element in her portraits. They speak to her and to the others about the beauty or struggle of a personal experience in a culture or society. Suzi paints her dreams or your dreams, her reality or your reality, every tragedy and comedy that exists around us. With every portrait, she portrays a situation, a mood or how she imagined it to be. It is important to Suzi to breathe life into her paintings, to scream the silence of the viewer so they can relate to her art in a certain way.

Suzi is a legendary storyteller, a Scheherazade in her own artistic way, where colors, faces, phases, mediums, brushes, canvas and herself are the main vessels to tell stories of more than one thousand and one nights!