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Large Viera Green

BY Assieds-Toii
Composition: 100% Polyester
Dimensions: H.50 x W.48 x Base W.34 cm

Please note, that we typically aim for artwork to be dispatched within 2-3 working days after order has been received, unless otherwise stated within the product description above.

Returns are applicable for up to 14 days after delivery and only applies for noncustomized items.

About Assieds-Toii

Assieds-toii is an interiors brand that focuses on the items you sit on. Assieds-toii believes that your home should be a reflection of your tastes, not those imprinted upon you by others. Your furniture should act as a conduit to your life, pieces you can use to talk, laugh, love, laugh and listen. We breathe new life into forgotten vintage furniture by adding unique fashion focused touches.

What brought Assieds-toii founders Haya and Isabella together was their intuition about their individual senses of style. A friendship driven by conversations around fashion, art, architecture, fabrics, jewelry and design. As you grow older naturally your home becomes more and more of a central part of who you are, a space you want to curate and build to house special moments and relationships. The past years have forced so many of us to think more and more about how our homes represent who we are, and for many we have finally been given the confidence to start making the interiors choices we feel align with our tastes as opposed to those dictated to us. Haya and Isabella both experienced this personally and an exchange of brands and recommendations throughout the pandemic kept them both creatively fueled.

A particular adventure to an antique furniture market would prove to be the experience that gave birth to Assieds-toii. In the midst of hundreds of vendors, Haya and Isabella came across a conversation chair that was in complete disarray, fans of the design and its meaning they both were desperate to find a way to bring it back to life.

When recounting this adventure and experience to others, there was an instant attraction to the idea of giving new life to classic vintage designs and so Assieds-toii was born. “What makes our pieces more than just vintage furniture, is how we bring to the table our fashion focused backgrounds. All our fabrics are either deadstock or new, sourced from the best, Colefax, Noblis, the list goes on. This injection of very current, bold prints, colours and materials, results in an entirely unique piece.”